Three Comma Consulting brings world-class capabilities and coaching expertise to help clients succeed in their business. We take deep pride in ourselves to deliver high quality services by providing the best practice in business transformation.

Three Comma Consulting is one of Malaysia’s leading professional services firm, provides Executive Coaching, Business Coaching, Business Advisory, Business, Leadership, Management and Sales Training, Franchise Development, Leadership Development, Team Building and consulting to a wide range of SME industries in Malaysia. The firm adopts a customized, responsive and personal approach towards client service and offers a complete range of services.



Fast changing business environment forces companies to quickly change the way they do their day-to-day operations. In today’s environment, you have to be agile and nimble in order to seize all the opportunities available to rise above the challenges and respond to changing times.

Three Comma Consulting assist business owners and leaders to see these new opportunities and achieve their business goals. We tailored made our programs according to their needs and goals. We offer advisory boards, business and executive coaching, workshops, training and robust business tools.


We coach our clients to ensure that they are able to achieve business sustainability in the long term. This is done by introducing systems in their business and teaching them how to run a business successfully without them necessarily being there. With a proper business system in place, employees will have a permanent reference point to answer any question they might have in the business. Our coaching methodology promotes the principle of “Teach them how to FISH for more Business and Wealth, rather them Giving them the FISH.”


To ensure we over delivery the best experience and value to our participants, we include the elements of coaching in the training program. The three parts of the program are as below;
1. Self Assessment
2. Executive Training
3. Coaching




Jason Wong
Agency Manager | Million Ringgit Producer | CFP Professional (Certified Financial Planner)

Amazing business coach! Highly recommended to those entrepreneurs who are seriously looking to grow their business.